Pool Tournament

Back Bar Sunday

- $2.50 pints of Miller,Pabst and Coors light pints
- $3.50 Bloody Mary's
- $4.00 Absolute Bloody Mary's
- $5.00 double rail mixers

The pool tables are free (no cost) both during the tournament and for 45 minutes before we start so you can practice. The entry fee is $5 and the first 3 places are “in the money”. All of the entry fee is put into the prize pool so the payout amounts vary depending on number of participants we have each week. The tournament is double elimination (single games) and the winner of the loser’s bracket must beat the winner of the winners bracket two out of three in the final match.

During the Tournament we also run a raffle, you get one ticket for participating in the tournament and another one with each beverage you buy. The raffle prizes vary each week and generally are promotional items from our vendors (T-Shirts, hats, shot glasses, etc... ).

During each tournament you can participate in trick shot challenge and win a bottle of liquor if you the only person to make the challenge shot. Participation in the trick shot challenge is free and takes place in a middle of pool tournament.

Want more information? Ask our tournament director Konstantin for the rules and regulations.